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Award Winning Safety

2017 NTTC Award Winner     2019 NTTC Safety Contest Winners


G&D Trucking, Inc./Hoffman Transportation, LLC owns and operates 1,000,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space across our five facilities to accompany our bulk and transload services.  All of our warehousing locations have direct rail access with extremely high capacity rail yards where every railcar location is accessible by either bulk truck, or packaging transfer equipment.  All G&D warehouses are dedicated to the packaging, storage, and distribution of dry industrial chemical products, primarily in the resin industry.  Each location is equipped with an in-house custom built warehouse management system that consolidates every facility under one systematic umbrella while offering barcode scanning for material receiving, shipments, and storage quality control with real time inventory traceability for our customer base.  Every G&D facility is a high volume throughput and features a wide variety of generalized and specialty warehouse services including, but not limited to:

Warehousing Services

  • Custom Warehouse Management System Integrated with Barcoding of Every Package
  • Dedicated Packaging Lines to Specific Product Families/Colors
  • Direct Packaging capabilities from Railcar/Bulk Truck to:
    • Gaylord Boxes
    • Super Sacks
    • 25 kgs Bags
  • Custom Repack from Package to Package
  • Material Transfers from Packages to:
    • Bulk Truck
    • Railcar
  • Material Screening Services
  • Material Blending Services
  • Fines Removal Services
  • Angel Hair/Stringer Removal Services
  • General Cross Dock Services

Warehouse Facilities: